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Boston Interiors chose Fresh Cut Grass as their agency of record in 2005 to refresh their brand and bring their communications in line with all they were doing in their stores. In many ways, they were perfectly positioned for what Fresh Cut Grass offers: they were doing eveything right but not ideally communicating it.

A case in point involved their web site. As a forward-looking company, Boston Interiors had built a web site in the late 90s which, in many ways, was working well for them. It showed a catalog of many of their products and gave visitors important "pre-shopping" information. By the time we came on board, however, the look was tired and the upkeep was lagging. After going through a rigorous company-wide brand re-positioning exercise involving designing a new logo and a look & feel, we recommended a "face lift" for the site. Without changing the back-end (coding) of the site, Fresh Cut Grass used the current structure, programming and layout, and creatively replaced imagery throughout to make the look consistent with all other new marketing efforts. The result strenthened the communication of Boston Interiors as a retailer providing home furnishing with good design, high quality at reasonable prices. []

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