spacer The MicroOptical Corporation

MicroOptical came to Fresh Cut Grass with a "next generation" technology product line that was being marketed like last year's gizmos. Their eyewear-incorporated displays which make output from devices such as PDAs, computers, and DVD players appear to float in space before the user, were to be highlighted at their industry's leading trade show in 6 short weeks. With MO's new marketing director, Fresh Cut Grass developed short term strategy and positioning, and executed a trade show booth and table design, a collateral MicroOptical New Sitepiece as well as the fastest constructed web site (2 days) since Al Gore invented the internet. The materials helped MicroOptical break through the trade show clutter and catapult them into the realm of a company to be taken seriously - and they looked pretty great in all of the press they received too.

Following the trade show, MicroOptical wanted to more fully tell their story on the internet. At that time, Fresh Cut Grass created a completely new design for their web site with more sections, sub-sections and information to help MicroOptical sell their displays to a more technical audience. [www.MicroOptical.net]

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